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Making Up for Lost Time [x]
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A friend didn’t want to lose Franklin as he walked around the house

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they will have as many titles as Pelé. 

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This sad Brazilian fan was shown crying. But no ones published this beautiful picture of him handing the trophy to a German fan. He was quoted as saying "Take it to the final! As you can see, it is not easy, but you deserve it, congratulations" (Roughly translated)


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  • friend: i watched an episode of the thing you like
  • me: oh god
  • me: i am about to tell you literally everything about the thing
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Bill Murray Crashes Bachelor Party, Gives Awesome Speech 


He comes to bars in my college town and gives life advice to college kids

HAHA bill Murray just wanders around crashing parties and weddings in his free time you know

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#excuse me bitch

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